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No dogs currently available!


Our collies are raised in a home environment and every single one is treated as a member of the family. Puppies are exposed to all sorts of sights, sounds, and experiences in their time growing up with us. We truly do our best to shape them into the best companions, regardless of what path they have ahead of them in life. Every single puppy gets just as much care and attention as the rest. Our puppy raising protocol includes Early Neurological Stimulation, Early Scent Introduction and various aspects of popular puppy raising programs such as Puppy Culture and Avidog. Your puppy will come home with foundations of potty, crate, and leash training, as well as exposure to other dogs, cats, and a variety of people. Rest assured that every one of our puppies comes with a lifetime of breeder support.


Our litters undergo structure evaluations, ophthalmologist checks, cardiologist checks, wellness checks, and temperament evaluations in order to assure the best possible placement for both our buyers and our puppies.

We hope to have a litter from Thora in the spring/summer of 2024.

Four rough collie puppies sleeping

Check our News page and follow our Facebook page to stay up to date on expected litters or any older dogs who may become available. To be considered for a dog from us, please complete the application below.

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