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About Arabella Collies

A blue merle collie wearig a service dog vest, layng down.

"Arabella" is a name with many meanings, some of which are beautiful, graceful, loving, and lovable. I feel collies exemplify all of these traits, so Arabella Collies seemed like a fitting name for my kennel.

Arabella Collies came to be when I was on the search for a service dog prospect. I wasn't looking for a show dog, or to get into showing and breeding. I just wanted a dog to train to assist me in my day to day life. I had my heart set on a smooth tricolor male. The journey led me to Zandria Collies, who at the time had a smooth tri male she was looking to place, but also a blue merle smooth bitch she felt was better suited for my needs. Upon meeting them both, I learned not to question your breeder! She was right, that blue merle bitch, now known as "May", was the perfect fit. She wanted to finish and hopefully breed her, and that's how I got introduced to the showing world. May swiftly picked up majors in the specialty ring, soon becoming a champion, and then with me at the end of her lead, a grand champion. Those first few shows got my attention, but my bond with my dog is what got me hooked on dog shows.




















Here at Arabella Collies, I strive to breed dogs with a willingness to please their owners, the intelligence to succeed in performance events and to fit our breed standard in both head and body. Before breeding, appropriate health testing should always be done, and each breeding should be done to improve upon the dogs before them, while still preserving breed type. We are located in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

Proud member of the Collie Club of America, American Working Collie Association, and the Collie Health Foundation. 

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