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IntCH Woodlawn Arabella Take To The Sky TKI VHMP


Wagaman's Maximilian x Woodlawn Valjaron's Careless Whisper

Pilot came to us with the generosity of Woodlawn Collies in Minnesota. We acquired him in an effort to diversify the pool of genetically normal-eyed collies in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to being genetically clear of Collie Eye Anomaly, he offers beautiful movement and sound structure, two things we greatly value in the breed. He is very sweet and handler-focused and wants nothing more than to please his people. This goofy guy brings a smile to everyone's face, and we can't wait to see the future ahead for him.

Titles & Achievements

Health Testing


AKC Trick Dog Novice

AKC Trick Dog Intermediate
AKC Virtual Home Manners Puppy

IABCA International Champion

CEA: Clear, non-carrier
MDR1: Mutant/Normal
DM: Clear

PRA: Clear 
DMS: AAbbCC Moderate Risk

OFA Hips: Prelims Good

OFA Elbows: Prelims Normal

OFA Patellas: Normal

OFA Dentiton: Full
​OFA Cardiac: Normal

View OFA Profile Here

View Paw Print Genetics Profile Here

Bred by Marisa Wagaman.

​Owned by Remy Henderson.


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