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Other Resources

American Kennel Club has information on all aspects of owning purebred dogs.


American Working Collie Association offers insight on the versatility and working ability of collies.


Barn Hunt is an engaging sport that is fun for both collies and humans.

Collie Club of America is a great resource on all things collie, whether you are new to the breed or

an experienced collie owner, breeder, and fancier.


Collie Club of Canada is the collie parent club in Canada.


Collie Ear Taping Video outlines and demonstrates our suggested method of ear training.


Collie Head Trim Video goes in depth on how to perform a correct head trim on the rough collie.


Collie Health Foundation gives real, honest information on health problems in collies. Rebates and discounts on applicable health testing is offered to members.


Collie Rescue Foundation works to provide safe and loving homes for collies, and can connect you with reputable collie rescue groups locally.


Collies Online is geared towards people who show and breed collies and has up to date information on upcoming shows, specialty results, and litter advertisements.


Dr. Ian Dunbar's Before and After You Get Your Puppy are two of my favorite books about how to raise an easy to live with dog and are available for free download.

InfoDog allows you to easily search for and enter upcoming dog shows and events.


Orthopedic Foundation for Animals is the leading database for North American canine health testing.


Pure Dog Talk is a fascinating and thought provoking podcast all about purebred dogs.


Triumph Showdog Solutions is a one-stop-shop for collie grooming and showing supplies.

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